Our Team


Mr. Aniruddha Nafrey, Managing Director

Introduction : The principal Architect of Arriva Mr. Aniruddha has Nafrey graduated with honors from the premium institution of our Country Sir J. J. School of Architecture in Mumbai. He underwent training with leading Architects & Interior Designers for more then 12 years before setting up this company in 2008. He is registered with the Council of Architects New Delhi & is also an assiciate member of both IIA & IIID. He is supported by the Team below:

Mrs. Amarja Nafrey, Managing Director

Design Team

Mr.  Pankaj Mistry
Mr. Inderjit Singh Saeev
Ms. Harshida Parmar
Ms. Anagha Thosar
Mr. Dilip Suthar

Execution Team

Mr.  Mohd. Abulqais Khan
Mr. Mohd. Faiyyaz Hussain

Accounts & Adminnistration Team

Ms. Aparna Nandgaonkar
Ms. Vinita Gawde
Ms. Janifer Horta
Mr. Nikhil Ravanang.